Volunteers for an exciting event


We will be looking for fun individuals to become part of the Aqua Splash entertainment group.  You will be making the day fun for everyone and also have a fun-filled, hectic day.  You will be the face of Aqua Splash, making sure everyone has the most enjoyable day ever. 

Each volunteer will have their own responsibility on the day and the necessary training.

1.  Registration – Help our sliders get checked in: You will use our check-in system to log our participants coming into the event and get them  set up to enjoy the fun day that is ahead of them. 

2. Slide Facilitators – Our slide is can be 1,000 feet long and gravity can only do so much. It is up to you to keep the slide wet and “facilitate” our participants’ journey down the slide to keep them flying! If you like to be in the middle of the action, this is the job for you.

3.  Start Line – We will assign some volunteers to help mark sliders’ wristbands and release sliders at the start of the slide in order to carefully and safely control slider traffic. Be prepared: This job becomes very hectic very fast so we need you to be calm, assertive and on top of your game in order to fulfil this position!

4. End of the Line - We will assign some volunteers to assist the slider once they reach the end of the ride.

All of our fabulous volunteers will be given a free tube and a volunteer wrist band to allow you unlimited slides for as long as we can keep the slide open. 

Volunteer places are limited, so we are looking for hardworking individuals.   

*Please note that we will contact you a few weeks before the event to discuss time slots and roles available.

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