The Biggest waterslide in the UK is here

Aqua Splash UK

2019 will be the new start for Sun Slide  Events, as we now have now made the event more eco friendly, the event will run over two days and we now have two types of events to fit any location.

We are now adding the option of hiring the UK highest and longest waterslide to organisers and for corporate events.

Charity Sponsorship

In every city Aqua Splash Slide attends we sponsor a local children's hospice, plus we will be looking to sponsor charities linked to the UK Armed forces.  

The Biggest waterslide festival in the UK is here

We in Britain make the most of the sun when it finally arrives and now the fun has finally arrived with the UK's longest, wettest, slipperiest, funniest 1,000-foot, three-lane slip and slide waterslide, you can imagine. You just keep on sliding and smiling for 1,000 feet. What more can you ask for on a hot summer’s days with all the family? 

Aqua Splash Slide

The UK's only, longest, wettest 3 lane inflatable 1000ft water slide, coming to UK destinations

The Sun Slider UK

This is what they have in US.  We in the UK, have gone and made The Sun Slider bigger and better

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